This is the page of Metaproxy technologies (Nissho Seisakusho), which is engaged in system development and digital workplace construction.

Please feel free to contact us via DM on Twitter for any job orders or problems you may have.


Achievements to date

Our company was founded in 2020 by a representative who has experience in SRE, PM and system consulting for major Japanese financial institutions. We specialize in providing middle management services between management and members.

Our main achievements since the establishment of the company include the following

  • PM for management accounting system project
  • PM for the production of smart phone applications for educational purposes
  • Remote work environment construction with security assurance

We believe that the key to system construction is organization. We take pleasure in designing the most appropriate systems and human resources to improve the capabilities of our clients’ organizations to achieve their business goals.

Our English name “Meta of Proxy” is derived from our belief that we are more than a proxy, we are an agent. We realize what our clients want at a level they have not yet imagined.

If you are an executive who wants to develop a system that focuses on business improvement, if you are a developer who has trouble setting appropriate goals for development and scheduling, or if you feel like you are always working in the white space of a task while everyone else is watching, we would like to hear from you.

Member profile

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システム開発、デジタルワークプレイスの構築を行っておりますMetaproxy technologies(日昇製作所)のページです。






  • 管理会計システム構築プロジェクトPM
  • 知育用スマホアプリ制作PM
  • セキュリティを担保したリモートワーク環境構築


また、当社英字社名は 「Proxy(代理人)のMeta」 つまり、代理人を超えた代理人たるべしという信念から由来しております。 お客様がお望みのことを、お客様がまだ想像されていないレベルで実現いたします。


屋号 日昇製作所
  Metaproxy technologies
設立 2020年
代表 荒木 智彦
  小規模不動産特定共同事業 業務管理者講習 修了
  VMware Certified Professional (Desktop Virtualization)
  Alcatel-Lucent Certified Field Expert (OmniPCX Enterprise R9)
参加団体 東京商工会議所会員
     Electronic Frontier Foundation

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