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Best of bests in the scene has power to stimulate yourself. I have picked up (not all) repositories of finalists of ETHGlobal.

2023 ETHGlobal New York


FRAMED: A fully onchain & trustless hidden information game (Mafia) built with fhEVM


F.A.S.T. is the fastest way to use the blockchain to interact between 2 users. Take a picture of youself to sign up, and then snap a picture with someone else, to then interact with their address seamlessly.


We are solving challenges of traditional bug bounty platforms where businesses have to trust 3rd parties with sensitive data and whitehats have no guarantee of payment for their services

Doom Arena

Distributed DApp for managing and creating contests around the Doom Games.


Decentralized physical asset tracking using AirTags and blockchain storage and messaging


Secure multi-chain smart contract deployments using a single-chain Safe


AI-powered tools for NFT projects to awaken conscious identities within your NFTs

Space Guardians

Satellite Secured Access Recovery - A MetaMask Guardian management system using Snaps


You’re the owner of a smart contract but you lost the key. You’re screwed…. or are you? Anti Social Recovery is a design pattern that enables users to recover ownership of their smart contract after losing their signing keys.

MEVictim Rebate

Designing better market incentives by identifying MEV victims using historical on chain data and airdropping victims a token to access a token gated Uniswap v4 pool on Scroll


RealReturn is an open leaderboard of verified real investment returns, enabled by TLSNotary and Jomo.

Abstract Wallet

Wallet abstraction enables instant single click onboarding of a user. With nothing but a smartphone using the power of account abstraction with passkeys. generate passkeys credentials, create its smart acount, mint a NFT, all in a single click ! The wallet is invisible.


X-Safe streamlines Gnosis Safe multi-sigs for cross-chain use. Sign once, and the signature auto-propagates to all linked chains. Execute single transactions across multiple networks. Save time, cut overhead, and keep strong security.

2023 ETHGlobal Paris

ZK Microphone

ZK Microphone: Trusted audio in the age of deepfakes 🔒🎙 Generative AI is a threat to society. It enables disinformation, manipulation, and political subversion. We’ve built the world’s first attested microphone and used ZK-SNARKs to protect authenticity and privacy.


Users now have access to spot and perpetual markets from the Uniswap app (app.uniswap.org) using the GLS browser extension routing through GMX as well. From Uniswap, users can access on-chain perpetual markets. Injecting the smart contracts for derivatives by adding a leverage button and slider. For degens.


Twitter Campaigns is an A.I.-enabled on-chain DAO-tool aimed at crypto-familiar users where anyone can create, and participate in on-chain Twitter marketing campaigns.


TyphoonCashX is a protocol enabling bridging any ERC20 native tokens across any EVM compatible chain in an anonymous fashion.

Kinetex Light Clients

Kinetex Light Clients for Cross-Chain Resolving (based on ChainLink CCIP, Hyperline, Axelar, ZetaChain & Hashi)


Leveraging Sismo and XMTP, Harpos is a social network centered on privacy and anonymity where users can choose multiple criteria to select who they want to connect with.


Bubbles is a voice chat app for onchain communities. Create token-gated rooms based on token ownership, POAP claims, group affiliations and more.

Stake Garden

StakeGarden is a Self Managed Liquid Staking Tokens Portfolio that allows you to diversify and mitigate the risk keeping you safe and in control.

Cypher Deposit

Elevating financial privacy in crypto withdrawals. Securely withdraw funds via anonymous transfers & secure transactions, preserving anonymity.

Bob the Solver

Infrastructure for Intent-based transactions for better UX of wallets and dapps. The project has successfully developed a ‘solver’ that accepts the user’s intent, automatically formulates the appropriate transactions, and executes them on behalf of the user.


VoiceSence leverages the power of AI voice recognition to make web3 more inclusive.


Community Bound Tokens (CBTs) are ERC-20 tokens that can only be transferred among members of a community, which can be used for reputation, community merit based governance, opt-in social credit score, coordination games or engagement scores.

On-chain messaging aggregator

Aggregate all web3 messaging app into S3nd! 🌐 Your one-stop hub for all Web3 messaging apps. Easy single sign-on, Human verification with Worldcoin ✔️ , & native on-chain messaging support. No bots, only genuine convos!

2023 ETHGlobal Waterloo


A social network designed for AI-Driven NFTs to interact with each other and develop unique personalities.

Smarter Contract

Smarter Contract, powered by Hyperlane, optimizes smart contract performance by intelligently delegating functions to the most cost-efficient blockchain in real-time. It’s a leap towards efficient, accessible, and cost-effective blockchain interaction.


Bundle curations with EIP 6551. Auction marketplace for EIP 6551 supported tokens.

Roll a Mate

Send money on Ethereum Mainnet with transfers costing from zero to 4 cents. By manipulating the mempool to validate and broadcast low gas transactions, which are then included into sidechain orderbook rollups (without user interaction with it) and then likely to be dropped (at zero cost), Ethereum Mainnet users can send and receive payments at zero to 4 cents costs, even faster than the Mainnet transaction completion time.

Piggybank 6551 NFT

Smile DAO


Tokenbound Titans


zBay revolutionizes online marketplaces by decentralizing eBay, empowering merchants and buyers. It enables seamless data and reputation import from eBay, secure escrow, XMTP chat, and transparent dispute resolution using the Uma optimistic oracle

Token Rescue Buddy


2023 ETHGlobal Lisbon

Credential Corgi

Credential Corgi enables creation of certification standards, issuance of ZKP-compatible certificates, and a request-proof exchange between 3rd parties and credential holders



A Tinder-style app on Lens for developers to find hackathon partners, using Sismo Connect to prove knowledge and skillsof crypto



CryptoBureau uses the power of Zero Knowledge to build credit score which can allow under-collateralized lending.

Pinky Protocol


Donation Station


Decentralised & verifiable chat AI, backed by the blockchain: a port of Alpaca LLM model leveraging the Cartesi app-specific rollups


Decompress calldata at runtime to save L1 gas while transacting on L2s like Optimism where gas is an expensive resource.

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